Shrewsbury Gardens Improvement Plan: Have Your Say!

Shrewsbury Gardens is a much-loved green space next to St. Mary’s Primary School, but it needs attention.  The ground is compacted, grass suffers from lack of light and trees need work.  So, the Notting Hill East Neighbourhood Forum asked environmental charity Groundwork London and Westminster City Council to help develop a plan for the gardens that will hopefully remedy these conditions and create a space that offers something for everyone.

We are delighted to let you know the design is now ready to be shared and reviewed by the wider local community.  Improvements will bring light into the gardens, create space for nature and a beautiful setting that offers something for everyone. We would love your feedback on the designs as the space should meet the needs and aspirations of all who live and work in the local area. The project team are in the process of raising funds for the works. We will let you know once we have secured enough funding for works to go ahead.

The proposal:

The design creates “garden rooms” that offer visitors different spaces and opportunities to socialise or have time outside alone and includes the following features:

  • Seating is proposed to nestle into the planting beds and activate the space.
  • A playable sculpture.
  • Attractive and colourful planting that offers year-round interest.
  • Extending the gardens to the west, into the existing planting beds on Caradoc Close to create level access to the gardens.
  • A natural amphitheatre for a variety of uses, including quiet picnics or sunbathing.

1: Species rich planting communities, for texture, movement and colour in a contemporary style. Existing soil structure is enhanced to promote good plant establishment.

2: Natural earth mound amphitheatre planted with wildflowers. Forms a natural sitting or picnic space that discourages dogs and provides an additional “garden room”.

3: Curved seating set in planting with gravel path, to form a garden room with new bins.

4: Removal of existing fence.

5: Tree works as required – to include crown lifting to improve tree health and increase light levels.

6: New specimen feature tree.

Survey:  if you would like to share your ideas and views on any of the designs, please complete the short survey here by 21st February. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the designs and questionnaire please contact Jenny at

Would you like to speak to the design team? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email or call us and we will be in touch to set up a convenient time for a telephone conversation.


Join our design review workshop: we’re holding an online workshop on Wednesday 17th February 5-6pm, where you can meet the project team who will take you through the design. You will have the opportunity to discuss and comment on the design and your priorities for Shrewsbury Gardens. To register please sign up using eventbrite here or email Jenny at


What’s next:

We will also be speaking to local organisations and community groups about the designs over the next couple of months. Based on everyone’s comments we will develop a final design, which we will share back here in Spring 2021.  After this process a final design will be developed ready for construction.  Funds will still need to be raised for this, do get in touch if you would to help with the process of making this inspiring design happen!

Make sure to check back regularly for updates.

The Grand Plan!

We have also developed a masterplan for Shrewsbury Gardens, presented below, showing our long-term aspiration and how the design for phase 1 fits within this. Suggested first phase improvements are realistic and affordable in the short term and would significantly improve visitors’ experience of the Gardens. This long-term masterplan would require significantly more capital to be raised but is inspiring to see how the gardens could be developed over time. We are hoping to realise the masterplan in phases over the coming years, as and when funding becomes available.