Our Work

NHENF 8Our two organisations, the NHENF Neighbourhood Forum and the WNA Amenity Society work in tandem. What we do (and don’t do) is described below.

The Westbourne Neighbourhood Association, our 40+ year old Amenity Society

• responds to public consultations from Westminster/ TFL / Mayor’s office, etc.
• produces two newsletters a year
• liaises with Carnival organisers
• works towards public realm improvements
• is a member of WASF (Westminster Amenity Societies Forum), and participates in their meetings
• recruits and communicates with members.
• organises events that include Swap Days – autumn/spring, a “Big Lunch” in June, our Winter Party, Neighbourhood Walks, a Garden Competition in May, and our AGM each spring.

You can read about our work and activities in our Newsletters.

The Notting Hill East Neighbourhood Forum, our 6 year old Neighbourhood Forum

  • is involved in the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan which includes the steps below. Once adopted, this Plan will become the statutory planning document for our area.
  • Consultations with residents and businesses
  • Presentations of ideas for the area
  • Grant applications
  • Preparation of Neighbourhood Plan Draft
  • Regulation 14 – consultation on Plan Draft
  • Revisions of Plan to incorporate comments from WCC, residents and other stakeholders.
  • Regulation 16 – consultation administered by WCC
  • Regulations 21- 26 – independent examinations and publicity
  • Inspector review
  • Referendum
  • Until ratification of the Neighbourhood Plan, when asked to comment on local planning applications, Nhenf makes comments in line with Nhenf guidelines. These guidelines were drafted subsequent to extensive local consultation amongst 1500 residences to form our local plan
  • is a member of WFF, (Westminster’s Forum of Forums) and participates in their meetings.

What we don’t do is get involved in neighbour disputes, party wall matters and structural issues. See our planning work page for further information.