Garden Awards 2015

For any of you who aren’t aware of this, NHENF awards an annual prize for best garden.

This year, there were too many spectacular garden for just one prize, so there will be four awards – one for each of the following categories:  Best Theatre, Best Horticulture, Best Architectural Structure, and Best Micro Garden.

And the winners were…………….

Best Theatre – 86 Hereford Road, for its sheer eccentricity and inventive re-use.


Best Horticulture –  Basement, 59 Talbot Road, for its abundance, and in wrapping around the corner, contributes to two streets.


Best Architectural Structure – 70 Hereford Road, for its combination of modern materials – innovative in a contemporary way.


Best Micro Garden – 14 Moorhouse Road, for its contribution to the street while concealing small storage behind.


There were so many other beautiful gardens, representing hours of hard work, and artistic flair.  We applaud all of you who spend time in cultivating your surroundings, and we thank you all for your contribution to the neighborhood.