Plan Objectives

Our overall aim is to protect our architectural integrity, prevent overdevelopment and maintain the green, leafy nature of our area, while also removing any barriers that might stifle innovation or interfere with us addressing climate challenges.

Protect residential amenity and our natural environment:

  1. Conserve and improve our public garden spaces 
  2. Maintain and add to our garden rich surroundings  
  3. Local tree policy to promote species diversification

Restore our heritage and ensure good design on our buildings:

  1. Protect and restore the historic features on our street facing elevations 
  2. Ensure building changes respect the amenity of neighbours. 
  3. Make planning decisions more consistent and comprehensible 
  4. Address climate challenges when making changes to buildings

Improve our public realm and strengthen our community:

  1. De-clutter our streets
  2. Eliminate street litter, including dog litter by encouraging adequate bins
  3. Make streets more user-friendly and efficient for all road users
  4. Reduce harmful air, light and noise pollution
  5. Foster and enhance the sense of community
  6. Promote and support our small businesses 
  7. Continue to add to our tree inventory 

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